Web Design Manchester

Web Design Manchester

Moka Design UK makes responsive templates for mobile friendly websites. We design website follow the latest web design trends with bespoke optimised solutions. All our HTML5 themes and templates are developed with high quality standard and full compliant of W3C directives, we use only cross platform solutions for HTML5/CSS3.

Optimised responsive web design and SEO for mobile devices

Any project is designed and optimised for the mobile devices, tablets and smartphones. We test our web design themes in the major mobile devices to ensure that any element of the web-page or of the web application is well displayed, accessible from any browsers and with both orientations of the mobile devices without loosing the graphic style and the usability. One of the most important points for Us is that the visual is consistent in different view-port sizes and in different systems operation.

Tailored mobile friendly WordPress themes design

As a web designer experts we know how important is to design the web-page attractive, clear, readable and optimised for display the brand indentity and the style of the client business. Our WordPress themes and HTML5 templates are designed to be unique and tailored.

Web Design and SEO foundation, layout and links

The foundation of the web design give the right tools to create an actractive visual website. Boxed layout, magnetic images and typographic styles for headers and texts are used to improve the beauty of the web-page. CTA - Call To Action, buttons and links are used to direct traffic to specific landinng pages and areas inside the website to perform the conversation rate of visitor than became customers. We studying the design that ensure the best performance in term of user experience, accessibility and visitors engagement.

Web Development Manchester

Web Development Manchester

At Moka Design UK, any website is developed as a unique and tailored project. Based on the WordPress CMS the website is coded in standard compliant PHP code to ensure a stable, maintainable and optimised web solutions. We prefer to code plugins and theme in-house to prevent to use not optimised code in our web project.

Tailored theme development solutions

We use all the modern techniques to develop trust & stable and maintainable websites. For every new project, we create a new theme/template follows the style and language of the referred business market and the industry of the client.

Tested optimised website

Any piece of our work is developing to perform the communication of the mission and the vision of our clients. Any project is tested and optimised in the development test environment before be launched live in the website domain name to ensure the best performances and a good result from the first time that the user visits it.

WordPress template and plugin development

Moka Design UK is specialized in code and delevop responsive WordPress themes, we engineering and developing also WordPress plugins to add tailoerd functionality and special features.

Our mobile optimised responsive WordPress templates are coded to perform a fast loading time and a easy management in the admin section.

WordPress Themes Design, Development and Performarce Optimisation (WPO)

Responsive WordPress Themes Web Design and SEO, Mobile friendly Web Development and SPO - Speed Performarce Optimisation

WordPress is a CMS - Content Management System software based on PHP/MySql, such software actually powers over the 24% of the web worldwide.

Primarily designed to roll blogs the versatility of WordPress permits to develop any kind of website from simple one-page websites to full business portals and institutional enterprise websites.

WordPress with the additional plugin's functionality performs also mobile friendly E-Commerce such Woo-Commerce and even tailored web applications.

WordPress theme development

WordPress combines a friendly user administration interface with a powerful set of developers tools. At Moka Design UK we use this tools to implement an easy to use, tailored solution for our clients than respond to the unicity of the client.

Moka Design UK mainly design and develop WordPress Themes and web portal for clients in Manchester and England. We offer also the re-design service for website are running older version of WordPress.

Local SEO, National SEO, Ecommerce SEO and Google My Business optimisation

Local SEO, National SEO, E-commerce SEO and Google My Business optimisation for Manchester

Foundation SEO: On-Page Optimisation

The SEO on-page optimisation is the first and the most important step to follow for your blog or institutional website to perform a good result in the search engine result pages in competitive areas like Manchester. As per Google suggestion the primary factor to optimise is the Quality of the Content of the website. Content is King! Google says.

Bespoke professional content

A professional content editor writes a fresh new, unique and attractive content for your website pages, after a study of all aspects of your business. The content of your website is create to be descriptive of your business and at the same time actrattive for your readers. We take particular attention to writing content that is relevant and includes the most common searched keywords relative to your business sector.

MLE - Manchester Language Exchange MeetUp Group

Side Project: MLE - Manchester Language Exchange MeetUp Group

Moka Design UK sponsored the most important Exchange Language MeetUp in Manchester With more than 1500 members from all countries around the world.

Languages covered by the group are: English, French, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portoughese and Polish

Shopify theme design.

Coming soon: Shopify theme design and development.

We are working on Shopify themes designing and developing, more info about this new service soon.

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