Facebook Page Update July 2016: how the layout of the business page is changed.

Recently Facebook as launch a layout update of the Facebook business page, the new look is more impressive that the previous one. This is not the only update that Facebook released in the last month, improvement of the Instant Articles feature and the news feed are also in the pack for your business.

In the last year, Facebook has been introduced a new improved version of the Facebook Messenger with the ability to set a page username and create a direct link for the new conversation, the Facebook Local Insights for Business just to talk about few. Facebook drives now is attention to the layout of the Facebook Business page with a complete re-styling.

Although the new web design of the layout update is the only recent update that represents directly a benefit for the Facebook Business Pages owner, the visual impact and the usability are improved, and the projection is that this improvement will be also transferred to the visitor engagement.

Let have a look at the new Facebook Business Page layout improvement:

Moka Design UK Business Facebook Page

Moka Design UK Business Facebook Page

1. Cover Photo:

Cover photos are now totally visible. Categories description, call to action and profile picture are now outside the area of the Cover photo, with a totally clear area now where to promote brand and services with an attractive image.

2. Call to action button:

The Facebook Business Page call to action now are placed just in the right bottom of the cover with a strong position results more accessible.

3. Tabs and Profile Picture:

The profile picture is inside a brand new left column, on the left side of the cover photo, and followed by the list of tabs item. The new layout shows all the tabs of the business Facebook page as a main navigation menu with the ability to remain visible on top while page visitors scroll down to scan the post content.

4. Business information and review:

The new layout has been moved all the business information from the left to the right area of the page, the right column exposes, just above the call to action button, a review badge with a better visual style followed by all the rest of the information.

The new layout shows for the page owner also the insights overview as the top content of the central area.

The new Facebook Business Page layout first impression.

For us the update is very impressive, the result is a new clear and easy to use layout with a particular attention to the details, the major improvement is the navigation throw the tabs and the ability to see at one time all the business information.

Posted: August 10, 2016, in category: Things, Web Design

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