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Language and Culture

An innovative new start-up in Manchester is offering individuals, groups and organizations a unique range of services to optimize their use and knowledge of English language and culture.

The appropriately named Language and Culture is an independent provider of education, heritage and communications services with a global target audience. It was founded by Stephen Gregson from the UK and Ting Hou from China, two individuals who are passionate about the transformative power of language and culture.

Dr. Gregson, who holds a PhD in cultural studies, has extensive experience in communications within the UK Government, including at the Home Office and HM Treasury. He also has over 20 years’ experience in print journalism, both for mainstream and specialist publications in the UK, Ireland and France, specializing in theatre, literature, dance, music and the visual arts. More recently, he has designed and delivered courses on English language and cultural history, as well as organized walking tours, beer classes and accompanied theatre visits, for international students living in Greater Manchester. He is also the former chair of a national mental charity and support helpline.

Ms Hou is originally from Xi’an, where she previously worked as an English lecturer with the College of Foreign Languages at Shaanxi University of Science and Technology. She now works with the UK education system on initiatives to promote the learning of Mandarin and Chinese culture at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. She has also received a number of teaching excellence awards for her work in the UK and China.

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The education services offered by Language and Culture include proofreading, editing and copywriting services for individual students and researchers. The company also offers private tuition and academic supervision for students who are looking for support ‘off campus’, particularly those who are not native English speakers. Postgraduation support is also available in the form of CV, online profile, personal statement and letter writing services.

For those seeking to know more about the UK’s culture and history, the company organizes individual and group walking tours, cultural orientation classes and self-guided sightseeing itineraries, not just in Manchester but throughout the UK.

Language and Culture is also a communications consultancy for organizations looking to create or enhance their identity and reputation, using traditional and digital means. The range of services offered includes proofreading, editing and copywriting services for businesses, industry publications, and national and international organizations, as well as public and media relations, brand design and implementation and event management.

Dr. Gregson says: ‘Our unique range of services reflects our contrasting range of expertise, which includes higher education teaching and supervision, professional journalism, tourism and cultural programming, and event management, as well as public relations and brand consultancy for central government, local authorities and charitable organizations.’

Ms Hou says: ‘Our expertise has been developed both in the UK and internationally, while we have enormous experience in working with non-native English speakers.’

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