Affordable Responsive Web Design and SEO package for Small Business: The "Start-up".

The Start-up package is the low-budget responsive web design and SEO package provided by Moka Design UK as entry-level.

SEO keyword research for Small Business

Composed by up to 5 pages, this HTML static website is the ideal starting solution for smaller companies, individuals and small business with a low-budget who want to start an online showcase by telling the information about their business industry, the services provided and the related products.

The Start-up package can be activated only with a new domain registration. The Start-up package contains the responsive web design functionality plus the essential organic SEO optimisation.

We consider the Start-up package a professional, cheap and affordable responsive web design solution for small business.

Goals and Objectives of the package

The Start-up package is ideal for small business with the follow goals and objectives:

  • Low-budget investment.
  • Without recurring maintenance fee
  • Professional and affordable web design and development.
  • Full essential organic SEO optimisation for small business website.

Below a brief description of what the package include:

Hosting Set-up: Setup of the hosting and emails, provided by SiteGround.

W3C Valid HTML5/CSS3 code: The website is coded in valid HTML5/CSS3 code, and validate with the W3C tools to ensure the perfect compatibility of the website in the major browsers.

For individuals and small business improving the conversion ratio of web users who become customers is a key point for growing.

Target audience research: The client’s business becomes the base of the study to identify the target audience of the website. The known target audience obtained by the research offers the necessary information to produce an affordable web design with high user engagement. For individuals and small business improving the conversion ratio of web users who become customers is a key point for growing.

Responsive and Mobile-friendly Web Design: The Google recommendation is to optimise the website for mobile devices. The website is designed and developed responsive and fully implemented mobile-friendly, the page layout and the content (texts and images) react to and fit in different screen dimensions.

Affordable Keywords research: The Start-up package provides the basic preliminary keywords research, as a low-budget web design Manchester solution the study is for only one primary keyword of the related industry sector. The result of the study is used as a foundation for the content optimisation.

Up to 5 pages of optimised content for SEO: The copy editor will produce an optimised SEO-friendly version of the texts that the client provides, to ensure a good organic ranking of the website in the SERP – search engine result page (Google, Bing). In the market, cheap web design solution provided by other company usually doesn’t include any SEO optimisation.

On-site link building: All the navigation elements are generated to ensure a strong connection between the pages and to improve the user experience of the web user.

On-page SEO optimisation: Title tag, H1 tag, Ancor text, meta description and “alt” attribute for the images are SEO optimised.

Digital marketing on the tablet

SPO – Speed Performance OptimisationThe package contains a basic low-budget CDN – Content Delivery Network implementation. We also optimise the images to improve the loading time of the website. The speed performance is an important SEO factor.

Google MyBusiness submission and optimisation: To acquire a good grade of local promotion the Start-up package contains a full check of the Google MyBusiness record. The audit ensures that the company’s name, address and phone are properly displayed and that all the values of this fields are correct and updated.

Below a brief description of what the package not include:

  • All the contents are provided by the client that decided to activate the Start-up package. The content is based on a set of images, texts, audio, videos, Pdfs and other kinds of files related to the business and their services and products. For special needs and if the content is not provided by the client, Moka Design UK will provide an estimate of the production.
  • The Start-up, as per goals of the low-budget package, is provided without any kind of maintenance. Request of updates, additions or removals, changes and alterations of the content and part of, will be estimated as a new job task.
  • The website is coded in static HTML and delivered without the blog functionality.
  • The Start-up does not contain the post-launch SEO optimisation and any form of Social Media Marketing.

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