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Moka Design UK, based in Manchester, provides freelance responsive web design, WordPress web development, digital media expertise and offers SEO – Search Engine Optimisation services. Our main designer and developer, with over 10 years of experience in designing, developing and maintaining professional WordPress websites, works to any project with the same passion from the first day of work. Our clients are private individuals and small to medium-sized businesses from Manchester and around the world. We work as designer and developer for any kinds of websites, web portals, web magazines and business company websites and blogs.

For us, any project is an opportunity to show our talents, draw on expertise and knowledge and to develop our skills to deliver the best result. We strive to find and develop the tailored marketing solution that works for our client’s business sector to promote its business. At Moka Design UK Manchester, we work with you to target your potential audience for your business to promote your work and achieve results to keep you in the top position in your industry.

Bespoke WordPress Website Web Design Solution.

WordPress Theme Development

We offer a bespoke WordPress website design solution, tailored to the effective needs of the clients, in term of investment and final visual results. At Moka Design UK Manchester, we design websites to suit the vision and the mission of the related customer business. Any web design project is developed after a brainstorming and the accurate planning stage, that in competitive area such Manchester are not an optional step, but the foundation of the marketing strategy. We like to create a brand new and unique responsive mobile-friendly WordPress solution that performs and display correctly on any mobile and desktop devices and resolutions.

We like to think about us like your “Web-Mate” the technical guys that help you to understand how to manage your WordPress website, your social media identity and how to optimise your effort to improve your visitor engagement. Our WordPress website solutions are developed looking at the future growth of your business, to follow your needs as a flexible and cost-effective web design solution comparable to our competitor based in Manchester.

User-friendly and maintainable responsive and mobile optimised WordPress website design

Responsive Web Design for Desktop, Notebook, Tablet and Mobile Phone

Our web design solutions are based on WordPress CMS – Content Management System, as a result, are totally user-friendly and simple to manage in the back-end from your office desktop. We provide a full complete WordPress management training course in Manchester, for the clients that intend to administer the content of the WordPress website inside the office team.

We also provide the maintenance service of your WordPress website with accessible and tailored maintenance fees close to your budget, in yearly or monthly payment packages.

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WordPress Web Design and Web Development Manchester

Our team consists of WordPress web design and web development experts, copyediting and SEO – Search Engine Optimisation specialist based in Manchester. We take care of our knowledge and we spend a lot of time to be in trends of the new technique and future technologies relate to the web and web development and the social media integration.

We also offer freelancing web design and web development services to other digital agencies in Manchester and around the UK, we are happy to sign confidentiality agreements as necessary.

Search Engine Optimisation SEO Manchester

As part of the planning stage, we research the accurate solution to improve your SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. If your website is a live project we review its code, we analyse the interaction of your user trough the Google Analytics software and after the SEO technical audit of the actual situation, we produce the task list of the SEO action plan with all the necessary improvement of the content such the strategy to compete in your related business sector online.

In the past, the basic idea behind SEO was centred only on keywords, after the continuous updates of the Google algorithm at the moment, the situation is a bit different. As you maybe know, focus the promotional and marketing SEO strategy just in the Keywords is not a good practice. The result of the adoption of just this technique don’t guarantee a good organic ranking inside the SERPs – search engine result pages in competitive areas such Manchester.

Internet users don’t go just to search engines and type in queries some use specific keywords, but use websites like Maps, YouTube, Web Directory and the Social Media Network Websites to find related information.

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SEO friendly WordPress Web Development Manchester

Web Design planning stage

Our primary goal is to develop responsive WordPress theme for mobile-friendly websites with the best practices as a foundation and a strong optimisation in term of visual impact and originality, without forget to produce code with high quality and full standard compliant.

To obtain a good organic ranking in the SERPs – search engine result pages, the content of the website is one of the primary element to working on, the reason is the importance that an original and well-written content has for the Search Engine algorithm.

Any element of the page needs to be composed with the right attention to details, connection with the rest of the parts of the website and relevant to the result the business need to achieve. In our work, we implement any single page of the WordPress website with all elements optimised.

Title Tags SERPs and Social Media Sharing

The title tags define the title element of any web pages, is used by search engine to display information about the page linked inside the preview snippet in the SERPs – Search Engine Result Pages, are also used to display information by Social Media Networks when a user shares the link to the web page, for this reason are important for both SEO and social sharing optimisation.

Became the first in ranking in Manchester or the whole United Kingdom for relevant key phrase is not the only goal we try to archive, any element displayed in the search engine result pages is a direct link to the website, and to be selected by the visitor your record must be as more attractive as the other results present in the list, thanks to the implementation of the structured data, also know as rich snippets, we know how to improve the visual of your record inside the SERP.

With the use of the Title tag combined with the optimised rich snippets to attract visit to the website, the incoming traffic will result incremented, follow the LoA – Law of Average part of the visitor of the website will become a potential customer.

The right Header (h1, h2, h3) for the hight quality brand new Content.

In the normal workflow after the production of a tailored web design to complete the optimisation of the website our copy-writer work to produce the hight quality brand new content, the text is optimised for both search engine and user, to catch the attention of the visitor. The content is usually divided with a tailored selection of all H1, H2, H3 header tag.

Inside any paragraph, the content is written to be expressive, attractive and to gain interest for the reader. Search engines index and ranking in a better position, web-pages with high quality content, the target of a good copy is to gain authority and social media engagement such as the most relevant link for the argument cover by the page.

We also offer an Affordable Web Design and SEO package for Small Business.

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